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Micro-what?: An Introduction to Microaggressions

Have you ever been in a situation where your other-ness was, intentionally or unintentionally, blatantly pointed out? Have you ever experienced someone else’s stupid joke or dismissive comment take up way too much space in your mind, long after they’ve…


This Relaxation Exercise May Be The Easiest Way To Relieve Stress Or Anxiety

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For many of us, relaxation is a state of mind that can’t be accessed much of the time. It’s more of a dream than a reality, especially when it comes to the times when we need it the most –…

How to Find the Right Counselor or Therapist

So you’ve decided you could probably benefit from talking to a counselor or therapist. Congratulations! That’s a brave first step. But that’s when things may start to feel overwhelming for you. Before you even set foot into a psychotherapist’s office…

“I’m Sorry” for Apologizing

I’ll admit it – I’m an over-apologizer. At least, I used to be. I’m working on it. Recently I’ve begun to notice just how often I say sorry about things… which usually aren’t even my fault in the first place….

What Do Facebook & Suicide Prevention Have to Do with Each Other? A Lot

This should’ve happened years ago. Luckily, it is happening now. Facebook, the social networking giant, will be beginning to take steps to help users who may be dealing with suicidal ideation. We’ve all been there: scrolling through Facebook’s News Feed,…