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Micro-what?: An Introduction to Microaggressions

Have you ever been in a situation where your other-ness was, intentionally or unintentionally, blatantly pointed out? Have you ever experienced someone else’s stupid joke or dismissive comment take up way too much space in your mind, long after they’ve…


In the World of Mainstream Sexuality, Bisexual People are Invisible

It seems that people may be finally starting to lose their grip on the model of “traditional” sexuality (read: heterosexuality). Same-sex marriage is receiving more and more support and legislation, which is wonderful for those who identify as lesbian or…

Kristen Martinez Interviewed by Thriveworks

Thriveworks has quoted Kristen Martinez in a comprehensive and intriguing blog post about the downsides of being “too attractive”. Since she has an underlying background of feminist theory and one of her specialties is women’s issues, Kristen wanted to share…

“I’m Sorry” for Apologizing

I’ll admit it – I’m an over-apologizer. At least, I used to be. I’m working on it. Recently I’ve begun to notice just how often I say sorry about things… which usually aren’t even my fault in the first place….

Kristen Martinez Interviewed by

I have been featured as a “Counseling Expert” by for my specialty as an LGBT+ affirmative counselor. You can read the entire interview here. Photo credit: – Kristen Martinez, M.Ed., Ed.S., LMHCA, NCC Therapist in Seattle

“Battle of the Sexes”? Men are from Earth, Women are from… Earth

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When it comes to sex and gender, it’s easy to think that we live in a divided world (or separate worlds!). “What do women want?” “What are men really thinking?” It’s a trope commonly employed in movies, television shows, and…