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Kristen Martinez, M.Ed., Ed.S., LMHCA, NCC

lgbt therapist

Full Profile | (253) 237-6237 | Provides individual therapy for adults (18+)

SpecialtiesDepression | Anxiety | Women’s issues | LGBT+ issues | Trans-Affirming Counseling | Asexuality | Life transitions | HSPs (Highly Sensitive Persons) | Self-care and self-compassion

Why Offer Free Consultations?

It’s been determined that the most important factor in the success of therapy is the therapeutic relationship. That’s why it’s crucial to pick the best therapist for you. Our therapist Kristen Martinez offer free consultations to see if she is the right fit for your needs. It’s important to note that a consultation is not the same as a counseling session. In a consultation, Kristen will answer the questions you have about her and her approach to therapy, and ask a few of her own to see how best she can help you. If you don’t believe that Kristen is the right fit for you, she will refer you to a qualified professional who may be a better fit.

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