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Counseling & Therapy in Seattle

Areas of focus include, but are not limited to:

-LGBT+ issues

-Transgender/gender non-conforming support


-Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)

-Women’s issues

-Depression & anxiety

Pacific NorthWell is located in downtown Seattle. We’re an organization dedicated to helping individuals overcome the challenges presented in life and empower them to achieve emotional balance and greater wellness. We pride ourselves in providing empathy, warmth and genuineness. We value the diversity and uniqueness of all – all are welcome.


Step-By-Step Guide for Practicing Mindfulness Right Here, Right Now

This is a guest post written by Taylor Bennett with Thriveworks Counseling. Does the past really stay in the past? It should, but sometimes it wreaks havoc on the present instead. I do my very best to shift my focus, to shake those negative thoughts about the past—yet I always…

International Women’s Day (and Every Day) Practice: One Breath for Me

Happy International Women’s Day! To all the women, female-identifying, and gender non-conforming folks out there, I wish you peace and power today and every day. This is a quick practice that can help solidify these notions: all you have to do is simply take one breath in, really savor it,…

Ask a Therapist: Do counselors/therapists give advice?

Q&A with  Kristen Martinez, Seattle Therapist The good ones don’t! Advice is what everyone else in your life gives you when you’re having a problem or going through an issue, and as you might recall, your relationship with your therapist is unlike your relationship with anyone else in your life. Our place…

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